Memorable Friday part 3.1 (Favorite Music)

We continued eating our lunch while listening to music. We were listening pop music from Sophia’s iPad. Though i am a Punk and Rock kind of person, i still like pop songs. Pop songs has a very catchy beat that even if you don’t like the artist, you would still sing it. The tune will get stuck in your mind even if you don’t understand the lyrics. As much as i like pop, i will still choose pop punk music. Pop punk music is like pop music but taken to the next level. Imagine listening to pop music with faster and louder drum beats. With electric guitars strums wildly through the song. And the sound of the bass guitar harmonizing with the lead guitar completes the whole song. Pop punk music makes you want to dance to the music and just feel free. I am a pop punk person as much as post-hardcore! Post-hardcore is like pop punk in the next level. The drumming of the drummer is so loud and wild, thats the drum set itself is literally smashed sometimes. The leader guitars are so loud like they cranked up the amp to maximum 10! Bass guitar make your feet start tapping rapidly with the drums. The music is so loud that the lead singer is shouting and screaming out the lyrics! Whenever i hear post-hardcore music, i stand up and start lip synching the song while doing crazy stunts. I pretend to play a guitar or drums and do head banging. So by the end of every post-hardcore music, my hair is a mess and i feel so exhausted. Overall, I love music. It show other people my personality and who i am inside. 🙂
These are the lead, rhythm, and bass guitars of my favorite pop punk band.

These are the lead, rhythm, and bass guitars of my favorite pop punk band.

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